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Giants of the Startup Community, Founders Who Made It Big Tell What's Important

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Successful entrepreneurs have said that fearlessness, resilience, and being true to oneself are three of the most important qualities an entrepreneur must have when starting his/her own business. ENET is assembling a panel of successful founders who made it big in different fields who will tell you what was important in their success. On September 1, 2015, the kick-off meeting to ENET's 25th year, we will hear stories of entrepreneurial challenges, surprises, disappointments, victories and triumphs. We hope you will join us. Learn from the experts: founders who have had the courage and tenacity to step out on their own, and navigate the rough waters of the unknown, and made it big in doing so. If you are thinking of starting your own business, or if you are already a company founder, learn from those who have gone before you. What they have experienced may help you avoid a pitfall or two, and accelerate your own company's progress.

Hiring Your First Employees, Pitfalls To Avoid

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So you have started your own successful business and realize that you must grow to meet your customers’ needs. Or you are about obtain a large round of venture funding. In each case you need to rapidly scale your enterprise by increasing your workforce. These opportunities require different approaches to hiring. For the small boot-strapped organization, a gradual rate of growth may allow you to hire through professional and acquaintance networks. Web-based recruitment may also be useful. For the VC do-or-die rapid upscale, a skeleton management and technical team is likely in place. However, additional help from professional recruitment service providers or from the venture capitalist’s own internal recruiters is likely in order. And in any case, all of these hiring efforts must adhere to strict state and federal legal requirements.


On September 15th, Boston ENET will host speakers who will talk from their in-depth experience on these very topics.