Raising Money from Crowdfunding

  • 18 Apr 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM
  • Pivotal Labs, 145 Broadway, Cambridge


Crowdfunding has proven itself to be an amazing way to raise capital for a variety of projects.  

Today, most of the crowdfunding processes have been reward or donation based. Thanks to the regulation changes in the jobs act of April 2012, it is now possible to do crowdfunding based on securities or equity.

As we celebrate the successes in crowdfunding and all the new products launched through this new funding mechanism, we need to be aware of the fact that only 35% of all crowdfunding project succeed. The rest fail, and depending on the portal, you may or may not get your money back. With equity based funding, it's going to become even more difficult for the crowdfunding participant to understand the risk to their investment.

We've invited our speakers tonight to talk about their experience with  crowdfunding, and share instances of what they did right, what they desperately wish they could do over, and how the new equity based crowdfunding process will change how you develop products and your responsibility to investors.

Come and get your questions answered. Hear from the practitioners who have implemented crowd funding methods. Network with like minded entrepreneurs.


Brianna Wu, Head of Software Development at Giant Spacekat

Brianna Wu is head of software development at Giant Spacekat, a company specializing in cinematic experiences using the Unreal Engine. She’s also a frequent speaker on women-in-tech issues. In the past, she’s worked as a journalist and a politico. When she’s not developing software, she enjoys racing motorcycles and running marathons. She is a national figure for women in tech. She's running for US Congress in 2018 for district 8 in Massachusetts.

Novelist and Essayist John Sundman

John Sundman’s career has included long stints as a technical writer, and as a manager of information architecture, software engineering and QA for various concerns in Silicon Valley, New York, and the greater Boston area. He resides on Martha’s Vineyard where he is a volunteer firefighter and construction worker. His next novel will be appearing very soon.


Eric Johansson,  Principal Consultant at in3x Inc.

Eric Johansson is an info systems and user experience designer specializing in industrial domains. His career has spanned many industries ranging from industrial controllers, produce wholesalers, and telecommunications.