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    ENET is pleased to announce that beginning with our upcoming event on Tuesday October 6, we will have virtual networking from 5:30 to 6:45pm on Grapevine, a new online networking platform developed locally in Cambridge, MA. We will continue to host the speaker panels on Zoom Webinar. Register for an ENET event on our website and you will receive links to join both the Grapevine networking session and the Zoom Webinar 1 day in advance of the event. You will also receive a reminder 1 hour before the event.

    Joining a Grapevine event requires a Grapevine account, which is free. To get the most benefits from virtual networking, we highly recommend that you create your Grapevine account in advance by going to https://grapevine.today, fill out your biographical information, add your photo, and add the URL of your Linkedin profile. That way, during the networking session, attendees can click on your photo icon and read your profile. If you don’t have an account when you join our networking session, Grapevine will step you through creating an account. 

    If you have not restarted your computer for many days, we highly recommend that you do so before using Grapevine. This will ensure that you have enough memory on your computer to process video.

    To leave the Grapevine Networking Session, please click the EXIT button on the top left. This will release Grapevine's use of your computer audio and video so that you can attend the Zoom webinar.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again at our events! 

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